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The Collective Access – Bringing Kids, Networking, Dreams…and Ice Cream Together

Students at Cesar Chavez Elementary in San Diego brought the energy, the hope and the dreams of children-all wanting a bright future.  Their potential, their abilities, their aspirations and enthusiasm—were attributes that carried through the air louder than any DJ’s music set during a very unique social event.

Ice cream was stashed in coolers, kids were dancing and singing and teaching the DJ how to properly scratch and scribble.  Cofounder of The Collective Access, Lance Growth and two gracious educators took the mic for short speeches advocating dream chasing, encouraging confidence and fun…Kids however, stole the show, drowning the voices of adults.

On this day, these kids didn’t just believe the hype; they embodied a bursting potential that’s usually only seen during commencements and thank-you, speeches. This day- their potential was tangible and their energy had the adults dancing too. Volunteers waited, armed with smiles, stickers, and most importantly ice cream! Kids stormed the tables like a stampede of future CEOs, lawyers, athletes, doctors, veterinarians, painters, dancers, and singers (in their words) to get ice cream.

Meet The Collective Access, an organization that has created a movement, that engages the generation before us to help build the generation behind us. They’re on a mission to teach kids the importance and value of networking and building relationships.

Before ice cream was served, kids were asked to share their dreams:
“What did they want to be when they grew up?”
“What are the steps they’ll take to accomplish their goals?”

Sponsors and volunteers reminded themselves to ask children what their names were, to make eye contact and to smile. Students made them look like the amateurs when it came to networking, eye contact, and friendly grins. They were delightfully infectious. During the event, there were only smiles, messy faces, sugar highs, and bonding between older and younger generations over common dreams and goals.

In partnership with the “Ice Cream for a Dream” initiative, The Collective Access rewards kids for their ingenuity and ambition. Admittedly, the this initiative may sound strange to our readers. After all, what good can enticing kids with ice cream really do?

“ After handing the first student his first ice cream following his first dream, it hit me,” said Lance Growth… “Adults work and share ideas with the promise of returns, of future gratification, of a reward. Isn’t it better to reward our children for dreaming than the threat of failure for not dreaming?  Watching kids run back and forth and dance. filled with joy, laughter, singing and the polyphony of dreams—feeling the excitement and the hope and promise of great things to come- there is no denying the positive impact that a shared ice cream and a dream can truly have.”

corporate Giving Partnerships is proud to present The Collective Access as our featured nonprofit of the month.  Working with organizations such as this, has a positive impact on our community. The Collective Access is open and daring, nontraditional and inclusive, motivated and powerful… it is a bridge between generations- old and new.

The Collective Access has its next networking event on August 26, 2017 in Horton Plaza Park. If you are interested in participating, in inspiring our youth, contact corporate Giving Partnerships or visit to learn more.

Every great idea comes from a spark, every great moment begins long before its realization, and every great leader was once a child with a dream and an ice cream covered face. The world is ripe for creation, change, and greatness- and kids are the foundation of a coming present beyond our most positive and wildest dreams!

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