Cultural Engagement

Corporate Giving Partnerships initiates meaningful, healthy dialogue among every generation on your staff. This collaboration identifies commonalities and differences and creates deeper engagement with your employee volunteerism program.

Including employee values and opinions can help companies accelerate the return of investment of their giving program. When employees feel that they’ve directly contributed to real legacies,recruitment efforts benefit from higher retention and brand value grows too.


Brand Loyalty

A strategic corporate philanthropic giving program is an opportunity for a brand to become known for good. When a business’s giving program results in a richer connective experience, brand loyalty is a natural outcome among employees, vendors, customers and virtually all stakeholders.



Corporate Giving Partnerships works with you to develop employee engagement through a customized program, providing both personal experience and online learning opportunities. We work closely with you to determine the approach and the engagement initiatives that will resonate with your corporate culture and budget.

Our goal is to grow internal ambassadors while achieving your CSR initiatives. We believe this starts at the top. We offer a variety of experiential and in-house workshops to engage your leadership team in CSR. These insights result in the benefits that Capital Consciousness brings to an organization and the positive financial impact it can have in your recruiting and retention practices, especially among millennials.



360 CSR

Creativity, effective communication, interactivity, interpersonal dynamics, and multi-platform integration are integral to the development of any Cause Marketing, Sustainability or Volunteerism program. We call this “CSR 360”. CGP partners closely with your Company to encompass everything from the charitable organization vetting process to optimizing your marketing communications and consumer engagement opportunities.

Incorporating stakeholder’s values and opinions into the final program design, CGP provides resources and expertise so your giving program does the most good.



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