About our company

Corporate Giving PartnershipsSM supports companies in the development of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee volunteerism programs (EVP). From brand alignment, to employee engagement to vetting nonprofits, we take a thoughtful and meaningful approach to consulting and practical implementation to help a company and the causes they care about succeed.  CGP also supports nonprofit organizations in the skillsets and strategies to make them attractive and effective partners in cause marketing and fundraising programs.

We recognize that the demands of running a business often leave a human resources and marketing departments short on time and staffing to design a comprehensive and meaningful CSR program. Daily demands of commerce makes it nearly impossible to vet a cause or nonprofit organization’s integrity, much less have the time to or follow up that funds and resources were used as promised.

CGP acts as an extension of your team. We approach giving programs with heartfelt customer service, leadership skills and marketing in mind. We learn about the values of your workforce and integrate this insight to grow a vibrant culture around social responsibility.

CGP vets the charity’s business practices, evaluates the size of their projects and the resources needed to accomplish their goals. We thoughtfully present charities that make sense and will use company donations and/or volunteerism in a way that aligns with your industry and maximizes the impact of the gift.

Corporate Giving Partnerships also brings unique strengths in our ability to network and create “pods” to help both clients and the giving program recipients receive as much benefit as possible. We work with multiple nonprofits and companies from complimentary industries to help make a larger impact. Through introductions and cause-related partnerships, we help maximize the results of giving efforts and also address comprehensive solutions for the nongovernment organizations that companies support.

OUR Mission Statement

Corporate Giving Parnerships activates heartfelt, engaging connections with business and nonprofit causes, and we do everything we can to maximize the impact of each and every giving program.



Every member on the Corporate Giving Partnerships team brings talents from both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Collectively, we believe that world-class social responsibility programs are heartfelt and relationship driven. Our team is passionate about what we do and the differences we want to make for both businesses and charities.

GCP strives to help all stakeholders in a company to have a meaningful connection with their corporate citizen program. We know that whether they are a member of the board of directors, an executive team member, front line worker, vendor or customer, everyone will naturally become an ambassador of a brand that stands for good.

CGP approaches the design of a giving cause program with brand in mind. Believing the benefits are far beyond the “old school” social responsibility approaches, our team partners to design a program which goes far beyond those of tax donations.



Karen Knight, the Founder of Corporate Giving Partnerships has over 20 years of experience in marketing for private, public and nonprofit entities. Her tenures with includes the role of Marketing Director for San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, where she created fundraising programs for many City tourism entities and more than a dozen affiliated nonprofits.

Knowing that many companies lack the staffing and resources needed to create meaningful CSR programs, Corporate Giving Partnerships was founded to help maximize the benefits of social responsibility. Programs incorporate everything from brand alignment to leadership skills to teamwork, and use methodologies to grow customer loyalty. Both businesses and nonprofits are supported in this common need.


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